Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Superhero Films you should see…

Captain my captain!

Long before Chris Evans donned the suit of the American super patriot Captain America was well established on film, not only was there BW 1944 Serial, he was featured in two television films in 1979 – with a big helmet. That was bad, I don’t think you need to see that. What you should see do is the 1990 Captain America film. Here you get Cap in all his cheesy glory, with big side wings and rubber suit.

This is one of those films that are so cheesy bad that they are fun to watch, and now after the success of the new Captain America movie they have dusted of the original print and put it on DVD 4 U!

I’d let her scarlett my Johansson…

Black widow will be the only super heroine featured in the new avengers film, And she does not even have any powers, well she does have her distraction powers, not a very unique power do, allot of women have this/these.

Did you know that above what you were looking
at just now you can see Scarlett Johanssons face?

Why not add a few more women into the mix?  There have been lots of female members over the years. First of f you have Wasp obviously, but makes little sense to put her in without her husband Antman.  They could have put Mr. Marvel or Tigra in there, Starfire maybe. Scarlett witch would also be a welcome guest.

Anyways, we get ScarJo in this one, and I don’t think anyone is complaining about that. For this one they gave her a new haircut and slightly altered outfit.

Boom goes the dynamite!

 They obviously have fun making the Avengers film, walking around on set in fancy costumes all day fighting invisible Cgi alien monsters. And from what I see in the photos working with a leather clad Scarlet Johansen does not hurt…

Maybe a bit distracting do…

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I need a doctor!

Not just any doctor, Doctor Who. And what I mean is that I need a new one.
I started watching Doctor Who when it was re-launched in 2005, the only preparation I did was to watch a documentary about Doctor who, getting a brief history and an overview of all the doctors. Christopher Eccleston was my first doctor and he was great, to bad he quit. The next doctor out was David tenant and he was brilliant! When his time came I was sad to see him go, but it was time. And so we got Matt Smith, the youngest doctor yet. And I was pleased. But now it is time for a new one, we had his turn, let someone new take over.

-Spoiler- The doctor has now said goodbye to Amy Pond and Rory, not to soon if you ask me, I dislike that the eleventh doctor has not seen any of his former companion, and the way Tennant went out I kind of saw it coming, he was saying goodbye to them, sadly for good. He did guest star in the Sarah Jane adventures do, with another former companion.

Nothing against the sexy Karen Gillan, just need a change.

But what we really need is a multiple doctor episode or mini series, like the 3 doctors and the 5 doctors already made, and we kind of got the two doctors in the charity special. We need the four doctors - with Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith. That would be so awesome! The eight doctor could shed some light on the time war and we get to se him transform into the ninth in a flashback. The whole ting can end with regeneration into the twelfth doctor, but who should it be?

I got a suggestion for you…

He was one of the best things about the last seasons of Smallville, never knew him before, but at once I said- he should be doctor who!  Who is with me, doctor?
Spread this picture throughout the interwebs, or make your own version if you don’t like mine, just get the message out there. ..

Monday, September 12, 2011

True Blood and the curse of the No Nipple contract…

Maybe a bit off topic, I will rant a bit about nudity in TV and films, but its all good, cause my outburst is due to the lack of nipples in several scenes in True Blood, a fantasy TV series….

Some actresses refuse to get naked in movies, the have no nudity contracts and use body doubles, sex in lingerie and shots above the bust line. And now in these high tech days a new trend is sweeping the nation. Cgi Nipples! WTF – actresses tape over their nipples with flesh colored tape only to have nipples painted on using Cgi. A monstrosity indeed…

The leaked version of this showing nipple made Jennifer super angry. She will
sue anyone showing it on the interweb (but I’m sure you can find it do, I did)

In the Vampire Fantasy series True Blood we are blessed with lots of Nudity and sex scenes. I most shows where there be nudity the major stars take use of the No nudity contract and only the no name actresses in small parts go full frontal. However in True Blood it is different, Anna Paquin shows everything all the time, giving Geeks everywhere major nergasms from seeing Rogue naked.

But not all comply, Rutina Wesley has lots of sex scenes in the series as Tara, but you never see a nipple. Again this atrocity happens when Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) gets sex scenes in the latest season but the nipples are lacking in both scenes.

Deborah: I will show no more than this! My parents watch this show…

What is the deal with that? When you show most of your body naked, pelvis trusting and all, why hide the nipple?  It is almost as lame as using a body double.

I am still hoping do, and cross my fingers for next season, nipple nipple nipple!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sci-fi you should see...

Soon Apollo 18 will hit theaters, a found footage horror film taking place on the moon. Before you see that may I suggest another sci-fi horror film taking place on the moon? 
It is Moontrap, the awesome space horror starring Bruce Campbell and Star Trek's Chekov, Walter Koenig.

I remember seeing this as a 10-12 year old kid, scary as hell.  I recommend this film to you, and recommend the film studios to make a sequel or a reboot with many subsequent sequels.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Robot uprising part III

 The deadly fembot!

So we have robots building things, cleaning , mowing lawns and we attempt to create make humanoid droids to do everyday “human” tasks. What is the motivation? Are we just lazy? Naaw, the reason is simple, sexbots…

In cyborg 2 humans make sexrobots modeled after a young Angelina Jolie.

How close are we to making this happen now?

Not very, we are waiting for the technology to make the real thing, first the robots will only look humanoid with metal/plastic exterior.  

Than we get copies of humans, you can order Summer, Angelina or the queen of England if you want. Of course for a bit extra you get the model with real genitalia and sex programming.

I want one of these, but without the terminating..

Futurama warns us of the dangers of human robot sex, why procreate or do anything anymore. In cyborg 2 the sex dolls are filled with explosives and kill people. Basically the plot from the Animatrix prequel cartoon episode comes to lifes. And the Terminators and sexy fembot will kill us all…

We all know it is going to happen, but why worry or try to stop progress, if we are lucky the zombie apocalypse will occur before the robot uprising…
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